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Inscription for our courses is easy as ABC, but:

Without paperwork, it is not possible!

Please read our Terms and Conditions (GTC) and click on the link below in order to accept them. Then you will be redirected to the login page.

§ 1 Participation in courses and on personal training

Please inform the coach unsolicited about any movement restrictions or organic impairments prior beginning of class or training.
All coaches are qualified and trained under the training requirement. Mutual representations of the coaches are to accept from the customer.
If it is possible for you please attend 5 to 10 minutes before classes start so you could start calmly. Missed class time can not be replaced.

§ 2 Inscription for courses / dates for personal training

Inscription for the chosen course is only valid with receipt of payment. Dates for personal training have to be arranged in person or by telephone. Course inscription and appointments are mandatory.

§ 3 Cancellation of personal training

Appointment cancellations by the client, less than 24 hours before the training date made or non-appearance of the customer will be fully charged, regardless of why the cancellation is made. After consultation the customer could send a substitute.

§ 4 Cancellation of courses and introductory session

Cancellations of courses und introductory sessions on part of the client will be treated as follows:
- until 3 weeks prior to the starting date free of charge,
- until 1 week prior to the starting date 50 % of course fee,
- less than one week prior to the starting date the whole course fee is charged.
After consultation the customer could send a substitute.
If one or more lessons could not be attended, the lessons would neither be rescheduled nor the fee would be refunded.

§ 5 Consummation of courses and introductory session

Courses and introductory session can be found from the mandatory posting of 3 participants.





I want to register online.



I do not want to register online.

You can use the form on the computer or hand-fill and contact us by letter or personally deliver. Please note: In order to open the downloaded file, the freeware "Acrobat Reader" is required.