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Join our pilates sessions on the basis of the trainings of Joseph H. Pilates. Whether you're an elite athlete or a pure beginner, you can benefit. The secret is non-impact resistance, which eliminates stress on your joints, making Pilates safe, versatile, and effective for all ages and fitness levels.

Simultaneously strengthened and lengthened, your muscles become longer and leaner, acquiring optimal strength and flexibility. The result is a body that is upright, balanced, and agile, free of old tensions and ready to take on new endeavors.

We offer you pilates group sessions and personal training. Benefit from a one-to-one lesson alternatively with 2 persons (Duo) or 3 persons (Trio). We are planning an optimal training according to your personal convenience and your individual constitution.



back exercises

You can practice with us individual on the basis of actual scientifical and therapeutical standards of knowledge. Prevent selectively backaches or regain a status free of backaches.

You can join our course „back exercises“ where you find a small group max. 6 persons. Alternatively we can plan an individual training for you. This one-to-one lesson offers you an optimal performance and individual control of your movements.



nordic walking

You learn from us the necessary basic skills to benefit from the positive effects on your cardiovascular system, your lipometabolism and your attitude. Enjoy the beautiful “Niddapark” and find balance with everyday life in the fresh air.

Learn the technique of Nordic walking with us in personal training as a "single" (1 person), "duo" or "trio". Courses or lessons in small groups of 4-6 people are available when needed. Please contact us by phone or send us an e-mail.